Earthlite Half Round Massage Bolster - Color Black

The Earthlite Half Round Massage Bolster is ideal for positioning your client for maximum comfort. Use it under the knees or ankles to relieve lower back stress. Alternatively, use the massage table bolster under the client's neck to elevate the head. Soft yet supportive, it will help you to access the right muscle groups with ease. The half-round shape of this black Earthlite bolster keeps its position on the table, even when you need to move the client around frequently. It provides a more subtle elevation than the full round bolster, making it ideal for smaller positioning movements. Use it in tandem with the larger version (sold separately) to elevate both the knee and ankle for even greater low back release.

Earthlite Half Round Massage Bolster, Black:

  • Size: 3" x 6" x 26"
  • Luxurious, yet enviro-friendly 100% polyurethane vinyl and super-comfortable CFC-free foam
  • Massage table bolster fits into single pocket carry case for storage
  • Can be used for easier access to muscle groups
  • Has a unique half-round shape that's smaller for more precise support
  • Black Earthlite bolster can be used under the neck, knees or ankles

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